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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update on Cameron's surgery

If you read this post you know that Cam was supposed to have surgery tomorrow, however there is a long story to go along with this.

We don't have health insurance, but Cam has an individual policy that I took out through BCBS several (4) years ago.  This policy had a high deductible and a high price to go along with it...needless to say it never had to pay out.  At the end of July I decided to switch him to a different BCBS policy, that was an HMO(the other was a PPO), and it went into effect on the first of August. The HMO has a co-pay, a low deductible and is $20 per month cheaper than the PPO/high deductible plan (without a copay)  With this being said, the hospital and surgical center for Cam's Dr. is not covered by the new insurance, so we had to schedule a visit with another Dr. in the same practice, that can operate at an in network facility.

We live near the state line, Dr. A can only operate in the other state, so today we see Dr. B and schedule his surgery.  Please pray the the "new" insurance will not decline this surgery.  I know it's only a hole in the ear, and it's not life threatening, however as most people can tell you...hearing is important...sure you can live with out it, but do you want to? (no offence Rachel)

In other news, I did get the contraption for stretching in, and I will have a TST for that one next week!