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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Womans Choice

We as women have a choice to make. "Do I want to have a baby?"  That is a huge decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. 
Babies are a huge responsibility.  They are yours for the rest of their life, or yours which ever comes first.  They are so completely helpless and need you to do everything for them.  It's the hardest job you will ever take...if you choose to have a baby.

That choice doesn't happen after conception.  That choice starts way before conception.  The first choice is birth control.  There are so many different forms of birth control, each with their own side effects and success rates.  I don't know them all but I will list the ones that come into my mind first:
1. The PILL
2. The Shot
3. The Implant
4. The NuvaRing
5. The Sponge
6. The Diaphragm
7. The Condom
8. The Foam
That is just off the top of my head.  I'm sure there are more, I just don't know about them.  Now I know you are thinking that these are not 100%.  You are right, but if you combine two of them you are covered pretty well.  The Pill and the Foam, the Foam and the Comdom, the Diaphram and the condom...

That is the first step in planned parenthood, birth control.

The second step in planned parenthood is during "the heat of the moment" you make a CHOICE to lie down with that man, you make a CHOICE to share your body with him.  It is your CHOICE to take off your clothes...you can choose not to....

During the course of passion you choose what you are doing, you consent and you know the consequences.  So why is it that After you have made the last two choices, and you have become pregnant that NOW you want control over your body. 

You could have prevented this in the beginning....but no, you didn't WANT it then..only NOW

Abortion is not planned parenthood, it is irresponsible people continuing to be irresponsible at the expense of someone else.  The woman's, right to choose ends at the pregnancy.  I believe that unless the life of the mother or baby is at stake (or in cases of sexual assault including rape/incest) abortion should not be allowed.

You are right, it s your body and your choice...make it in the beginning before pregnancy happens.