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Friday, April 30, 2010

Words I want to say, but never will


This is the first time I have participated in the Letters of Intent blog hop.  I don't really want to complain all the time but this is a bee in my bonnet and I really want to get it out!

To you, my husbands "friend",

Yes I agreed to come and eat with you last night, it is my fault because it is not the first time I swore that I would not bring my child around you again.  I am not a racist, so your comments about black people really offended me.  Not only was I offended, but I was embarrassed as well, that table of black women behind us, one of them was a friend of mine and your words, weather she could hear them or not, were out of line.  So yes, I took my child and my food home.  I do not need to surround myself with worthless drunk men that need to run their mouths about money they "lost" because of President Obama. 

News flash idiot - he didn't tell you to miss manage your money, neither did Bush.  If you are too stupid to save some of your profits for hard times that is all on you.  It is time you (and all the other people out there) stop blaming the government for your own stupidity. (This is not my let's stand up for the government speech - I think they are all a bunch of crooks). Your money went to having 2 cell phones each for you, your wife and your 5 kids - that's a $1500 a month phone bill you brag about.  What you didn't blow on big parties and booze, you sniffed up your nose, so no I don't feel sorry for you. If you want to know why you lost your house to foreclosure, it's because you choose to go on a vacation instead of pay your mortgage, not once but several times,  again not feeling sorry for you.

Secondly, you can call me a bitch if you want to, when it comes down to me and my 11 year old eating dinner, we prefer to do it with people that speak appropriately in front of a child, and people that are sober.  Furthermore,I have friends that believe that it's okay to stand up for what you believe in, and I believe that you are an ass.

Thank you very much


For the record, I did tell him that I was leaving because I didn't appreciate his choice of words in front of my friends or my child.  I told him this as I was leaving, however some people are just too stupid to reason with.  I didn't just leave and not let him know why I was leaving.

If you have a letter of intent to send link up here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What makes me happy?

Thursday 5 with Mann Land 5 is one of my favorite blog hops!  I love to look back and see what has made my week so blessed.

So this is my weeks 5 things that has made me happy, joyful,  grateful etc.

1.  this weekend we went back to Love Valley.  Sport and I went horseback riding and we just hung out all weekend. This is me and my little man on the horses on top of a mountain!
2. On Tuesday I went shopping at lunch time and bought a new outfit!  Gotta love new clothes!

3. New boots (I shopped a lot this week)

4. Quarterly reports are all finished - now that tax season is over, and the quarterly's are done I can breathe a little at work -

5. My husband, I just love that man!!!!!!!!

Now it's your turn - go here and link up, let us know what made you happy this week!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stop dieting - Start Living?

I know that I have mentioned before that I joined Weight Watchers a while back, so far I've lost 10 pounds!  Whoo Hoo me!  Yeah whatever...anyway these last few weeks, I've gotten bored with the diet and I've fallen off the band wagon so to speak.  My husband only wants chicken and broccoli, and honestly I'm starting to feel like I have feathers growing out my ....well you know what I'm saying.

So today I'm starting up my Weight Watchers again, seriously.  No more soda's they are out!  If you know any good things to eat let me know, I have decided to venture into other foods and try some of the recipes that I have found. 

Today's Menue:

4/28/10                                             Total Points                              Balance
Wednesday                                             +/-                                            21
Fiber One Bar                                        -2                                            19

Smart Ones Ziti                                       -6                                           13
Banana                                                    -2                                           11

Sweet & Salty Bar                                    -2                                              9

Baked Chicken                                          -6                                               3
Corn                                                          -1                                               3
Green Beans                                                0                                               3

Do you have any 3 point dessert ideas - if so let me know :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We build them up - others tear them down.

When we have children we look into their beautiful faces and we see all of the possibilities that life holds for them.  We take our children into our arms and we tell them that they can be anything. We sign them up for sports or dance class because we want them to find a passion for something, we want them to understand what team work is, and how it is accomplished.  We want them to feel pride when they win a game, and they need to feel disappointment when they loose a game. We have to teach them to win with grace and loose with dignity.  With dance class, the pride isn't from winning, it is from getting on the stage and performing to the best of your ability, unless of course you are in a compitition group then it's about winning.

We spend so much time working on our kids abilities, and self esteems.  We need them to be confident in themselves so that later in life they are confident in their own decisions they are confident in thier abilities, and they know how good accomplishments feel.  How can we do that when the coaches tear them down?  I know that everyone isn't going to agree with me when I say that I paid for my child to play, and I expect him to have equal play time as the other kids.  I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but this is how I feel.

Ninety dollars is what I spent on enrollment fees for baseball, that doesn't include the time that I spend getting him to and from practice, and the amount of money I spent on a new bat and a batting helmet.  He has missed one practice this season, and that was because he was sick.  Car sick from the bus, but still sick. He is also small for his age, which means that he can't hit as far as other kids can.  He can hit, but it just doesn't go the distance.  So what do they do?  They only let him bat once per game.  Is that going to help him improve his distance?  No it makes him cry.  He doesn't cry at the field, he cries at home, in his room when he thinks that I don't know.  I'm his mom, I know. I try to help, I try to make him feel better.  I tell him that he will grow, I tell him that as he grows he will get stronger.  I tell him that the most important thing he needs is heart.  he needs to love the game, and  the rest will come. 

How can people justify hurting a child like that.  This isn't JV or Varsity.  This isn't All-Stars, it isn't some league that holds tryouts.  WE HAVE TO PAY FOR HIM TO PLAY.  We all pay the same amount, shouldn't they all get equal play time?  How do you handle this, do you continue to let your child's self esteem get trampled on by an adult (that refuses to  talk to the team when they loose the game?) Or the coach that lets someone else coach when they are loosing, only to step back in when they pull ahead?  Come on people, it's little league!  We don't point fingers when they are loosing, what happened to the saying "We win as a team, we loose as a team"  no one player Win's the game, no one player looses the game.  There is no I in team work. I'm frustrated at this team.  I'm frustrated because my child isn't getting to play. I'm frustrated because he is learning poor sportsmanship.  I'm tired of him getting treated differently because of his size.  One day he will grow, he will be as big as the other kids, and his talent will be noticed!  I just have to continue to cheer him on as this time goes by and hope that he doesn't get too discouraged. I pray that I can continue to have a good sport on my hands, one that doens't pout when they loose, but wants to try harder next time to win.

What do you think?  Do you think it is okay to bench a player in little league? Or do you think if they all pay they all play?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Today's Top Two is - 2 favorite things about summer.  Well, that is hard, because there are so many things that I love about summer it's hard to narrow it down to just two, but I will give it a try!!

1. The Beach: I love the beach.  The most amazing thing about the beach is playing in the ocean with Cam. The older he gets the more fun he is.  No more having to hold him on my hip, or grabbing his hand when a wave comes.  Now we dive through the waves, or boogie board race back to the shore.  It's awesome to play like a kid, with your own kid!  I love playing, I also love to relax in my chair, with a good book and some sunscreen. You just can't beat a day at the beach!

2. Carowinds: A local theme park, we have passes to every year.  On my 1/2 day's off we spend the second half of the day there.  Just riding rides, or hanging out at the water park.  He brings a friend, I bring a good book.  They play I tan watch them , and read a book. It's great. 

That is the end of my top 2 - now head over here and link up!

Summer time brings so much quality time together, baseball, pool parties, camp outs, horseback riding, road trips, the possibilities are endless.  So far this year we have spent two weekends in Love Valley.  This is a place that looks like something from Gun Smoke, or an old John Wayne movie.  The town is built around horseback riding, and the western lifestyle.  No cars are allowed in town, here is a picture when it is in full swing!

Wes was working on someones plumbing, while Cameron and I were riding horses with some friends.  We rode about 3 1/2 miles up a mountain,  and  through some wooded trails.  My horse spooked a couple of times, but nothing that I couldn't handle!   Sitting on the back of that horse, looking through the clearing at the valley below just makes me wonder how people don't believe in God? 

Remembering Grandmaw

My Grandmother was a wonderful woman.  She was so strong and honest, the glue that held our family together.  I never really heard her talk about her faith, but her Bible was on the table right beside where she would sit, she had angles everywhere and I know that she prayed.   She talked about Heaven from time to time, what she thought it would be like.

When we were children, my brother and I got off the bus at her house.  We were the only two grandchildren that didn't live within walking distance to her, so when we (Brian and I) got off the bus all of our cousins were getting off too.  There was four of us that stayed with Grandma after school. until   We would run down that long dirt road and Grandma would always have a snack waiting on us. On the bar she would place 4 napkins each napkin would have 5 peanut butter cookies made with creamy peanut butter and Nilla Wafers, 4 glasses half full with Coke Cola.  We would sit at the bar, tell Grandma about our day and homework while we would eat our snacks.  As we grew up, we didn't visit like we should.  People never do.

When Cameron was born, she stayed at my house during the day so that I wouldn't hurt myself lifting him (I had some complications) and she kept him for me to work until she broke her ribs when he was 3 years old.  Before he could talk I would stand at her door waiting on her to unlock it and Cameron would be so excited.  He would just about jump out of my arms when she would finally open that door!  "Good morning Sunshine"  that is what she would say.  Every day it was "Good morning Sunshine".  He loved her so much.  When she got hurt he would cry to stay with his Nana.  She had fallen down the steps on her porch and she just wasn't able to chase after a 3 year old anymore. 

Last April my brother's wife was expecting their first child.  Grandma was so very sick, we had been nursing her for months praying that she would somehow get better.  Braxton was born on April 16,  she held him on April 18th and she died on April 24th.  She never talked again after she held Braxton.  She just went to sleep and rested until she went home.  She held on for him, to meet him, and hold him just that once.  That day after Braxton left Cameron came in to tell her good night, the last thing she told me was "He's a good boy, such a good boy."  After that she would mumble I love you every now and then, but really after that day she didn't say much.

Of all the things that I can remember about my grandmother, I refuse to let the day she died be important.  There were so many other good memories like her dancing in the living room when I was 10, or her 75th birthday party. Those are the memories I hang on to, the ones that I go to when I am sad.   I hope that she knows how very much she is missed.  I hope she can see that I try not to be upset when I think of her, but sometimes it gets the best of me.  When it does, I put on her coat run my finger across my charm (it's her thumb print) thank God for giving me the time I had with her, then I smile, wipe my eyes and I move on.

I miss you Grandma - I love you more than you ever knew.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Five!

I can't believe that I almost forgot Thursday 5 with Mannland 5!  I have been looking forward to this post all week!  Since Saturday as a matter of fact!

Wanna play?

just post 5 things that have made you..






or all of the above..

after you do your post..comeback here and link up..

My Five..

1. On Saturday my scared little man walked himself up to bat and actually hit the ball!  He didn't just hit the ball, he hit it all the way into the out field - he got a double!  My little guy was on second base! Whoo!!!!  Go Cam.  (several years ago he was hit with the ball and has struck out every at bat since!)  This was a big big day!
2. We raised enough money at the yard sale on Saturday that I don't have to pay the balance on Cameron's camp for this summer!  Yeah me!  Saving money makes me happy! (it was a church yard sale- you can read about it here)
3.  Tomorrow is Friday - so excited to be heading to the weekend!
4.  I spent Sunday grooming horses.  I love horses and hope to have my own soon!
5.  We are looking at house plans!  Pray please pray that everything works out and we can build our house!
Those are the things that made me happy this week.  We are looking at house plans and trying to figure out what features would make life easier.  Like having the laundry room near the bed rooms (to keep from dragging laundry all through the house)  Or having a hidden iron & board in the walk in closet (mine).  if you have any tips please leave them!


Writers Workshop

Mama's Losin' It

I'm not much of a writer, but I love to participate in the blog hops.   They are fun, you meet new people and always get a chuckle out of someones blog.  This one is a writers workshop.  You pick from one of the following prompts and write on that, then go back here to link up.  Here are today's prompts.

1.) “I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe after all these years, I’m still talking about my weight.” Poor Ope. What are you mad at yourself about?

2.) Divorce Dreams…a tempting alternative? A disaster to be avoided? Ever an option? Advice? What’s your take?

3.) What is the joy in your present moment?

4.) List 10 rules you’ve unlearned .(meaning 10 things you thought were expected of you or were the “right way” of doing things, but that you now ignore)

5.) Mother’s Day is coming…what is the secret behind the close bond you have with your mom? OR What do you do to create that close bond with your kids

This week has been an emotional one, and this topic seems to be screaming my name to write about it.  I know that the others are being funny, but I'm just not a funny person today (although I love laughing at the other posts).  This time last year we were saying goodbye to the most important person in our family.  I say that because I am talking about the one person everyone came to see, the one person that held us together.  Us=aunts, uncles, cousins.  This person was my grandmother.  It was a hard loss, but she was old, she was sick, she had lived her life.  She saw everyone of her children grow up, become adults, become parents and grandparents.  She saw one of her children become a great grand parent.  She had a good life.  This Saturday marks the one year anniversary of her death.  I choose not to dwell on that.  I choose to remember the days when she was alive.  The things that she did, the talks, the hugs the advice.  That is what I remember, not her death.  I don't think that is nearly as important as her life.

With Mother's Day coming up, I think about the things that made her the wonderful mother/grandmother that she was.  I think of the relationship I have with my mother, and my son.  My mom is my best friend, we go to lunch together just about every day, we talk, we laugh, we vent.  We are close.  She has always been the one that I can go to with anything, and it's amazing how when I'm about to loose my mind she happens to call right at that very moment.  My grandmother was the same way.  I hope and pray that when Cameron grows up he can say the same.  He comes to me with everything, I'm always on his side.  When he is wrong I stand with him, correct him and still love him with my whole heart.  I have learned a lot from my mother and grandmother.  We are close because of how we were raised, and I am raising my son the same way.  I don't lie to him, I don't leave him, I'm always there for him.

This Mothers Day - I will be spending it with my mom, and my son.  I hope you enjoy your day with your mother!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's 5

I just love playing Thursday 5 with MannLand5.  It gives me an opportunity to go back and reflect on my week and everything that has just blessed me and share those blessings with you.  Here is how you play:
just post 5 things that have made you







or all of the above

after you do your post...come back here and link up

My Five:
1.  Good friends: it never ceases to amaze me at what wonderful friends I have.  I went out with one of my best friends who just happens to be my sister in law.  Just hanging out, talking and catching up fills my heart with joy.  It's great to have someone that understands you!

2. My niece Skyler is 4 years old and just loves dance.  For Christmas I gave her a trunk with 4 or 5 dance outfits.  2 ballet dresses with extra tutu's, some crowns and wands.  It was a great combination of things.  My husband and I met her and her mom (my sis in law from 1) on Friday night and he was going to babysit while we went to dinner.  Skyler came running to me through yelling "Aunt Kelly I just love my ballet dresses, I still wear them everyday, and I love my trunk - it's my favorite present ever!"   That was a great moment!

3.  Today is April 15!  I have been waiting on this day since January 1st.  All of you just said OMG this girl is crazy!  This girl works for a CPA, so today is a big day for us.  It means that tomorrow I am off all day and from now until January 1st I only work until 12: on Fridays!  Whoo Hoo - thank God for April 16th!

4.  Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday.  Since I am off tomorrow I get to spend the whole day with him!

5. Saturday will be another great day at the ball field!  Go Cam!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You know your a Mom When-sDaze:

I like playing the fun games.  It's my favorite part of blogging, because you learn a little about everyone.  To me it seems you reveal yourself in small patches.  There is so much that makes the whole!

Today's game
You know you're a mom When:

Someone asks you to go for "girls night" and you have to check the baseball schedule :)
Then you agree and all you do is have a quick meal because you are just too tired to actually go out.

All of your good shirts are now t-shirts from a past sponsor  from a sport of some kind

Before parenthood you would look at 5:00 and almost jump with joy because it's quiting time, now you see it's 5:00 and you know you still have homework (to check), food to fix, laundry to wash, laundry to  fold baseball practice to attend, groceries to buy ..... the list can go on for days!

We get to watch Drake and Josh again....

Now when you go shopping, you are exited and you didn't even buy yourself anything!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Couch to 5K

Just a few weeks ago Mrs. P wrote the most heartbreaking thing I have ever read. I have been checking in on her blog from time to time and trying to leave encouraging words. I always support our troops. I pray for them every night. I love this country. Honestly though, until you read the words of a young girl left widowed by this war, it really isn't real.

You see the stuff on the news, you read the papers, and you see it on the Internet, but it isn't personal. You can put it out of your mind, because you don't have a person there. Reading her words brought it home for me, and I have never met this girl. I can't tell you how I have cried over the loss of her husband, a man I have never met.

Anyway, she has decided to run in a marathon. She needs our support to help her raise the money for her cause. I was reading how she is running in this marathon and decided that I want to do something. I want to train and run, and raise money for people that sacrifice so much for our country, our way of life. So I started researching and trying to find a training schedule so that I too can do something for someone other than myself.

I found the program Couch 2 5K. It sounded great. I can do this, in 9 weeks I can condition myself to run a 5K. So I downloaded the app that I would need and started on Sunday.

Start with a 5 min walk to warm up - piece of cake!
then alternate 60 second jog, 90 second walk, for the next 20 minutes. Sounds simple enough. Do you know how long 60 seconds is? Do you know how short 90 seconds is? Oh God, I thought I would die! Really! Then that little woman said "You are half way through the exercise" I had to quit. Looks like it's gonna take me 9 weeks to get through week 1!

I'll try again tomorrow.

Top 2 Tuesday

Today Taylor wants to know our top 2 beauty secretes.  I am looking forward to reading these - Lord knows I need all the help I can get! LOL

Really here is what I do:

1.  To keep my hair healthy I don't wash it every day.  I wait as long as I can, and that really depends on the weather.  I use an extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (I like TIGI's Superstar : for Thick Massive Hair).  I have really thick hair and it is difficult to dry.  I almost never use hairspray.  I like my hair natural and it is always healthier when I go forever without using a lot of products.  I can get away with this because my hair is long, and all one length.

2. I use Neutrogina eye make up remover.  It's oil free and works great.  I love it and I don't have to scrub on my eyes to get them clean.  Another plus - it doesn't burn if you get it in your eyes.
Okay - now jump on over here and link up!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I need some advice.

My 11 year old son went to a theme park with his friend (and his friends mom) on Wednesday.  Last night he told me that while in line for the new ride, the employee told him to go to a specific seat's line.  He told her he wanted to ride in the front, and didn't mind waiting and headed to the front line.  She grabbed him by his collar and jerked him out of line, then sent him back to the line she originally told him to go to.  Understand that you have always been able to request which car you wanted to ride in, and as long as you don't mind waiting you can go there.  We went yesterday and requested the front car and last car and nothing was said.

Now I understand that he was wrong for going where he didn't belong, but tell me how you would handle this if you were me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Five with mannland5

Thursday Five was created because I thought it would be fun to have a day where we could post our favorite things that have happened throughout the week..

read each others..

and get inspired..

Five things..

that have made us either..






or all of the above..

Wanna play..just post your five things..come back here and link up..

My five..
1. Easter: This is a wonderful time of year.  A day where we celebrate the victory of Jesus over the world!  I love Easter.  What better way to start your Easter celebration than to walk in church to the choir singing "He Lives"!
2.  I know that this is about Easter too - but spending the day with my family and extended family always puts a smile on my face!  I love big dinners and boy did we have a huge one.  My parents, my in-laws, my brothers in-laws all of our children!  It was just wonderful  makes me miss my Grandmother Roof, that passed right after Easter last year, but it was a wonderful day, filled with wonderful people and great memories, making more memories!
3. My Son.  I would be lying if I didn't list him in this post.  He is the most amazing awesome child ever!  Everyday is a new and wonderful experience in motherhood and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Just having him around makes my day better! (this is a picture of him - one of my fav's - I know you can't see his face  but I still like it!)
4.  Tuesday at Weight watchers my dad had lost another 6.2 pounds!  I was so very proud of him - his grand total 30 pounds down!  Woohoo!  We came home from the meeting and rode bicycles for 1.5 miles, and again on Wednesday we rode for another 1.5 miles!  Go me and Dad!
5.  My brother and my sister in law leave tomorrow on a missions trip.  I've very proud of them for going, but will be glad when they return!
(This is an old picture from last year right before their baby was born)

Hope you enjoyed my five - link up and tell me about your 5!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yes I said bicycling.  As crazy as it sounds my dad and I jumped on a couple of bikes and rode about 2 miles.  I don't remember riding a bike being so hard!

It really wasn't as bad as it sounds, we rode from my house to where I work all on back streets, and I swear it was all UP HILL!  My legs hurt so bad.  My dad is a large man (5'11", 336 pounds) and I am trying to help him loose weight while I take off about 30 pounds myself.  So this little bicycle ride sounded good.  Originally we were going to the end of the street, then he wanted to go further.  That's when I slipped and put my foot down in a mud puddle.  I had mud going in my shoes - GROSS!

I asked my dad if he was ready to turn back - the lazy part of me was hoping that he would say yes.  But he didn't.  We finally got to my office and I grabbed us a couple of bottles of water.  Dad was looking really purple in the face, I was worried.  After a minute or two I volunteered to go back to the house get his truck and come pick him up. I rode on ahead hoping to get up that big hill quickly and realized that my body was tingling all over.  Oh my legs were burning like I had fire pumping through my veins.  So I decided I can walk up the hill. I ended up sitting my behind on the ground and calling my wonderful husband that told me I couldn't make it that far and had him come pick me and my dad up.  :)

It was fun, it was interesting and my seat is so small that my butt is the only thing sore on me today.  I did get extra weight watchers points for the bike ride.  I wonder if they covered the honey mustard wings and french fries that I had for supper last night?  It's a good thing that I still had most of my points from yesterday! 

The good thing is that at yesterdays weigh in I had lost a whopping 1 pound - but my dad had lost 6.2 for a total of 30 pounds!  I'm so proud of him!  He is bringing the bike to work for me to ride home today.....lets pray I make it up that hill this time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Five with Mannlands

I couldnt grab her code but here is how you play:
Welcome to the first edition of Thursday Five!!

Thursday Five was created because I thought it would be fun to have a day where we could post are favorite things that have happened throughout the week..

read each others..

and get inspired..

Five things..

that have made us either..






or all of the above..

Wanna play..just post your five things..come back here and link up..or grab the mcklinky code and put in on your blog..

1.   I lost 3 pounds this week! 

2.  The house is clean!  and I didn't have to do it!

3.  Baseball started back this week, Go Cameron!  I just love baseball season

4. I got a new pair of jeans!  (on sale from NYandcompany.com)

5. Today is my 5th anniversary -  the hubby woke me up saying that it's the best decision he has every made!

That will make you smile~

Hope you have a great day!