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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Open Mouth insert Foot

It's Tuesday and you know that Tuesday is True Story Tuesday....my favorite blog hop is today!  If you have a true story to tell just link it up with Rachel and Mr. Daddy!

To start with you must know that I don't approve of making fun of people, and I cant sing.  These are two very important points.  We attend a small church here in town, and the music director is ..his voice hurts my ears.  Seriously.  He tries to carry a tune out like an opera singer, but he drops his voice to a whisper and it truly ruins a song.  My husband and my son start giggling as soon as he stands to sing his solo, and he always has his mic turned up so loud that you can hardly hear the music for his voice.  Even when he sings with a group his mic is louder than all the others and you can only hear him. 

Last year at my step grandmother's funeral, he stood up to sing "My Chains Are Gone/Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin.  I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Well he ruined it.  At a lady that was like a grandmother to me - at her funeral.  I was disappointed, but the worst part was trying to keep Cameron from laughing.  He is giggling and making the pew shake, my brother was beside him with his mouth gaping open..because it is really that bad.

After it was over and we were at the house I asked out loud...WHO ASKED HIM TO SING?  And my step-mother said "I did, mama loved to hear him"  I really didn't mean to ask it that loud, I didnt' mean for anyone to hear me..but one more example of opening my mouth and letting the wrong thing fall out!


Lisa said...

oh no!!! My FIL used to preach at a church and the music director had a high pitched shreak when she sang and it was awful!

Ace said...

I admit I would find that very disappointing at a loved-one's funeral, too.

At our old church, the terrible singer was (uh-oh!) the pastor's wife. Have you seen the Robin William's movie RV? If you have, think of when his wife is singing. That was pretty much how the pastor's wife sounded. :/ And she frequently sang solos and "special" numbers.

Anonymous said...

Our associate minister can't sing or preach. His voice puts most ppl to sleep but it makes my kid hyper and more talkative.

I am sorry he ruined the song for you.

Tiffany said...

Oh you make me so grateful for our worship pastor! He has a fabulous voice. I am so sorry the funeral was disappointing. Not fun at all!

Rachel said...

Oh no!!! Talk about perfect timing, no??

I apologize... but I've had people crack up before when I've mentioned a particularly bad singing performance. Cuz you *know* it's bad when the deaf girl complains, hee hee!

Thanks for linking up!

Jennifer Haas said...

Visiting you from Once Upon a Child. I am your newest follower too!

I would have totally done the same thing.