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Friday, January 20, 2012

I have learned....

With the new changes in my life I decided that going back to work part time was a good idea.  For two reasons, the extra cash would be welcomed...and the experience would help once I finished school.
back in December I started working at an Assisted Living facility and I have learned several things in the past two months.

1.  I have learned to be thankful for my husband, and cherish the time that we have together.  It's no secrete that women outlive men.  The ratio of men to women in this place is eye opening to say the least.  On more than one occasion I have overheard conversations that the women have about how very much they miss their husbands.  Their best friend, soul mate.  It's heart breaking.

2. I have learned that my faith (although it is very important to me now) will be what brings me through the darkest times.  Although I already have learned this lesson, working at an ALF has definitely reminded me of this.  Some people have trouble remembering which way the dining area is, or their  child's name...maybe they don't remember having children.  They NEVER forget who God is, and every night they pray for healing.

3. Family is sometimes not there for you in the darkest moments.  (Please notice the word sometimes).  So many people are left at places like this and the family never looks back.  It's just so sad.

4.  Family is sometimes the one that fights for you like a wild animal fighting for it's own life.  (So remember to be nice to the ones that you plan to leave in charge of you when you are old)

Seriously this has made me thankful for the life I have, the health I enjoy, the husband I have been blessed with, and the son that brings me joy on a daily basis.