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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TST - The Shoe

I am just so excited to link up with Rachel and Mr. Daddy for another TST - I'm so glad that it is back!!!!!!!

I have been holding this one for a few weeks now, so I will just get right to it.

You know that I have started back to dance class.  Anyone that has ever taken a dance class knows how expensive the shoes are, so when I began teaching again last year I just climbed into my attic and pulled out my old shoes (that have been stored up there for the past 6 years).  When we started the jazz class, I pulled out my old Capezio Jazz Sneakers and laced them right up.  Everyone in class was laughing their butts off because I purchased these before I had Cameron (did I mention that he just turned 12 years old in August?).  the high top sneaker went out of style about 10 years ago...but that's what I had bought at the tune of $125.00. 

So as we giggled about my shoes, Sherri got a little angry "I shouldn't be having this problem with you guys, you are old enough to know how to behave in class"  but we all know that at our age, it's more fun to laugh at yourself than to get aggravated and pout when you can't get something right.  At that point we were doing a "drop" when you stand facing the back of the room and drop to your knees facing the front.  Well after leaving my knee pads at home, I was faking it something awful trying to protect the bruises that were already forming.

So close your eyes and imagine, a 35 year old slightly overweight woman on her knees, face down (like in child's pose) then we pop up and high kick (which is actually pretty low) and then it happened.  Everyone busted out laughing and I thought I would fall down.  Actually I almost fell down when my foot went on the floor....the heel of my shoe flew off and landed across the room!  Just the heel, the rest of the high top was still attached to my foot! So when I put my foot down it was just a little off balance, because well the heel was lower than the toe.

I guess I got my money's worth out of those shoes!  (I must say that when I googled the shoe and saw that you can get them for $35.00 now, I almost got sick knowing what I paid for them)