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Thursday, September 9, 2010

TYVM - 9/09/10

Whoo....it's Thursday which means some free therapy AND only one more work day until the weekend!  I'm so glad..now that I am getting older I really need those restful Saturdays.

To the punk that almost rear ended me:

I gave you plenty of notice with my turn signal that I was turning.  The reason I missed my turn is because YOU were not paying attention, and YOU almost rear ended me.  If I had not punched the gas and went past my house YOU would have hit me.  So imagine my anger when I went to turn into the building down the street to turn around and go back home when YOU laid down on the horn and yelled out the window at me.  If YOU had put that phone down and paid attention YOU would have seen me turning and this whole thing could have been avoided.  If I were your mother I would take your car and your phone until you could use better judgement. 

Pay attention next time!

The lady that wanted to smack you for being a jerk.

To the insurance company:

TYVM for making me stress out about the surgery pre-approval.  Yes I know that it was approved yesterday, but really did you need to add stress to my already stressful life?

To the lady from the surgical center:

Really I need to bring my whole 20% with me on Wednesday?  Seriously you make everyone pay upfront?  Really?  Sure I have cash...do you accept monopoly money?  TYVM!

Why is it that the people that refuse to work and mooch of the government are the ones that get all the breaks?

I feel better now!  Do you need some free therapy?  Click on the button at the top of the page, visit Kmama and link up!