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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what I want to say:

Last week, somehow...my ex-husbands profile poped up in the "friend suggestion" on Facebook...imagine my shock to see a picture of Cameron as his profile picture.  If you don't know the story of Cameron you can check here,  or here.

I simply sent him a message on FB that said "Why in the world would you use Cameron's picture on your profile?"

His response is "You know why, I really didn't think you would get mad.  Tracy and mom get to talk to Cameron and I don't.  It ,actually makes me feel alot better about YOU.  I didn't know it would offend you."

I didn't respond to that I just blocked him.  But this is what I would like to respond...because I divorced him to quit arguing and fighting I will just post it here...

No Mark I don't know the answer.

When you posted that picture - I'm sure it was for Fathers Day that you put it up there, did you intend to imply that you are the father of both of those children??? Did you by chance post under that picture...these are my children, I have not seen that little boy since he was 22 months old, I've never paid child support, sent a birthday or Christmas card and I don't call. He calls another man DAD because I'm a POS deadbeat father.....

What have you done for your children? Have you had to wear old worn-out clothes so that they can have something nice that fits? Have you worked 7 days a week to make sure that they have not only the things that they need but the things that they want too?? Have you sacrificed ANYTHING for your children????

I guess we both know the answer to that.

Yes it makes my blood boil for you to post a picture of MY SON on your profile like you had anything at all to do with the young man he is today. You didn’t. I’m sure though that you are telling everyone that I'm such a bitch, that I won’t let you have anything to do with him. It's all me. .because you said that same crap about Jackie. It was you; you didn't have the time nor desire to do what was right. You could go to your house and smoke your cigarettes and say "Oh I just don't have the money" but did you do anything to help? NO. You quit having something to do with Cameron when you realized that the stalking and threatening wasn't working anymore. You realized that you had to leave me alone, so you left him alone too. It's your fault you are where you are today. You and you alone.

You might be Cameron's biological father but you have chosen not to know him, you chose that years ago. Now that isn't your choice anymore it's Camerons. He doesn't want to know you at this time. If that changes I will contact either Bre or Traci, other than that you need to leave Cameron out of your FB crap. You are not his DAD, he has one here that makes the necessary sacrifices for him. He has a dad that loves him and knows all about him. A dad that wants him to have the stuff that he desires bad enough to work like a slave to get it.

And as far as this comment "It ,actually makes me feel alot better about YOU."....I divorced you because I didn't give a crap about what you thought about me anymore!!! You are so vain to think that how you think of me would actually matter! You and your family decided not to see Cameron, not me. Your family decided to contact me...that ball was always in their court..now it's all Camerons decision.

Because you decided to swipe a picture of Cameron, no one wil be able to view the pictures that I put up...congratulations Mark again you managed to screw up a good thing for everyone for your own personal gratification.

Thanks for letting me vent on that Jerk again...you would think that after13 years I wouldn't let him get to me anymore....


Beth Zimmerman said...

Sorry, Kelly! I know that had to be painful!

Rachel said...

Facebook has a way of allowing people to dump their drama back into our lives, no?

So sorry!

Jessica said...

I can only imagine how you must have felt in seeing that picture. I have zero respect for dads (or moms) who aren't there in the lives of their kids. It sounds like your ex is typical of deadbeat parents, absent in child's life but, when convenient, enjoys pulling out the "look at my kid" badge. It's pathetic. Good for you for being the bigger person and just blocking him and for doing such a wonderful job with Cam in spite of it all. I wish you all the best in this. I'm sure you'll get through this.

Created By His Grace said...

I love you Girl!