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Monday, June 13, 2011

Better late than never!!!

I'm sure that you remember my rant about baseball...the rant that I have every year because I feel like we are getting the short end of the stick.

I am not one of those mothers that believes that her child is the best on the team...nor do I believe that he is the worst.  I personally believe that every child on the team should be rotated out at some point.  No child should sit on the bench 2/3 of every game.  That is what has been happening to Cameron.

Well, Cameron has been hitting really well this year, although he is only getting one at bat per game he usually gets a base hit.  On Thursday nights game surprisingly they let him bat twice!  He hit a line drive through center field and had 2 RBI's!  He stole second as well.  Anyway, his next at bat was a pop fly to center field that landed right in front of the fence (about 10 feet away from the fence)  if it had been just a little straighter it would have gone right over!!!  You know his mama (that's me) was jumping up and down :-)  I was so happy!   (I must add here that Cameron was the very bottom of the line up...he was third up to bat that inning and the next 3 people struck out..)

Anyway, on Saturday mornings game they let him bat once...line drive out to the left field!!! 1 RBI!!  Then he was left on base by the strike outs on the top of the line up...

That was all very important for the conversation that I heard next...This old man came up to the coach after the game and said
I don't know who that little number 11 is, or why he is at the bottom of the line up...but he is 4 for 4 and you need to keep him in the line up and bench some of the top of the line up kids...that kid's been hot the last few games and he's been playing circles around those other kids most of this season...

I wanted to scream....That number 11 belongs to me!!!!!!   I don't know who that old man was...but I'm glad I over heard that conversation.

After the game the coach commented
Cameron sure has improved these last couple of games

I just smiled and said thanks, but what I really wanted to say was - Cameron has been playing good all year, too bad you didn't pay attention to the whole team and notice! 

Anyway I just wanted to toot my baby's horn and say how very proud of him I am (I'm always proud even when he does strike out)

I also wanted to say I'm SO GLAD THIS SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!  We did win the first game on Saturday, Cameron was moved to the top of the line up on on the second game, but honestly the entire team  played like they had eaten pizza and drank soda between the games in 99 degree weather...oh wait...they did :(  bad decision making on that one!  Some one's sweet parents decided to reward the team on their win, buy pizzas and sodas for lunch before the second game...that was sweet, but not a good idea.  They coudn't get up and move, they all were so sluggish...it was like watching the Bad News Bears!

It's okay though, they beat the undefeated team, a team that beat them 3 times this year, and came in second in the City Championships! I think that is something to be proud of!

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Jessica said...

Good for Cam for doing so well! That's awesome! You must be so proud! And, I agree, every child should be rotated out to ensure that everyone gets time to play. I used to hate seeing kids being made to sit on the bench for most of the game when my brother played basketball in elementary school.