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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Oh Where is my Brain at?

On vacation already...that's where!

I shipped Cam off to baseball camp on Sunday, and I know you remember last summer when I thought my heart would explode for leaving him there.  Leaving my child behind with total strangers, with no friends, in a town 3 hours away...

It was easier this year.  Of course, he didn't get scared as we left.  He said goodbye and walked off and didn't look back.  Last year he said goodbye and his eyes teared up, and he walked off looking back.  Just thinking about it rips my heart out!  We still didn't go straight home, we stopped and ate and shopped because going home to an empty house just didn't appeal to either of us.  It's so different without Cameron there.

Anyway, we pick him up from camp on Thursday (only 2 more days!) and head to the BEACH until Monday....I honestly can't wait. 

The problem is that my body is here at work...while my brain is not.  I have got to get this bank reconciliation finished, payroll taxes done, sales tax report complete and still do the quarterly payroll reports....for 2 more companies....I've got to concentrate!!!!!

but it's hard..it's really really hard!!!!

There are so many places that my mind is:
1 - packing my stuff
2 - missing my little man
3 - thinking about the big changes about to take place in the next couple of weeks
4 - placing my feet in the water a$$ in the sand..
5 - some beach ...some where...


Hope you all have a wonderful week...and I'm heading out for vacation starting at 5:00 today (I'm using tomorrow to prepair for the beach!)


Jessica said...

Lucky you! I hope you enjoy your vacation and look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your trip when you get back!

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Enjoy your break!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Getting to this late but so glad to hear you had a great vacation! I wish I could go to the beach! :)