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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sounding board - just for today

I've been holding this back for a while.  To understand my response you would have to understand where I was coming from.  This letter is from my x-husband, whom I have not heard hide nor hair from in 9 years.  Which is a blessing in itself. He was a total jerk, so I left him.  He stalked me for over a year and made my life a living hell.  After he finally left town I forced him to see our son for a few months.  Then it just got to be too much.  I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't afford the drive and I needed the emotional break.  His last visit with my son was July of 2000.  He has NEVER paid child support willingly.  The only payments I have received was once when he was locked up and twice when the state found out where he worked - until he quit.  He likes for people to pity him, he is very self centered and says things to make himself sound good - but there is always other motives.

This is his letter to me on Facebook, although I didnt' respond to him this is what I wanted to say to him.

kelly, please don't panic.
 Don't worry I won't
I recently signed on to facebook. in doing so , of couurse , Breanna and Tracy are friends of mine.Well good for you!
I guess because you are friends with one of them your name keeps popping up as (along with 100 or more other people whom i don't know) " suggested list of friends. I've closed you out every time. Well you should have blocked me out again!
I don't want anything from you. Good because I have nothing to give you.
 I have been living in the charlotte area for 2 yrs now. I've not made any attempt to contact you till now. Why start now?  It's only been 9 YEARS?
 I'll be 42 next week. I've changed. I've NO HARD FEELINGS TOWARDS YOU. none at all. Hell, I guess not - I didn't stab you, stalk you or threaten to burn your house down with you and your child in it. (well I guess your child was in it- but at the time you didn't care did you?) BTW: I dont' think  you used the word  "I've" correctly.
in fact you did what you felt like you had to do I'm trying to figure out what I did.  Divorcing you?  Well that's what happens when  you try to choke someone while they are expecting., keeping Cameron from you?  I didn't do that - it was your choice.. i don't blame you.i was an idiot correction you are an idiot , i'm sorry yes you are sorry, but I doubt we are using this word in the same way.
 I've been waiting 10 years to tell you that. but i know that it probgably doesn't mean anything yto you but it does to me.sure doesn't
as well as this .......THANK YOU FOR DOING SUCH A WONDRFUL JOB WITH CAMERON. HE LOOKS LIKE YOU Did you really just say that? I am his mother - his parent.  you didn't just drop him off with some stranger or friend to raise.  I am taking care of my responsibility - gladly taking care of my responsibility.  You saying thank you is like thanking someone for mashing the gas at a red light or for eating their own food.  Most people do raise their own children, even animals raise their own children.  I guess since you have 3 children with 3 different women, none in which you raised, you wouldn't know that.. i wish i would have done right by him. i have to live with that. it hurts but i know that i created 90% of this mess well maybe 99% any way i don't know , do you think that we could ever communicate again I I doubt it.. not as ex-spouses but as 2 human beings with only one common interest being cameronConsidering that in this conversation I'm the only human being (I've not figured out what you are yet) and considering that you've had not interest in Cameron for the last 9 years, our interest in him is not common at all - my interest in 99.99% your interest in .01%? i'm not asking to see him i'm not asking anything Good because I would hate to have to get a lawyer . i hope you can trust me on that OOh I trust you, as far as I can throw you (I'm pretty weak, so that would not be far). i swear to that i will not contact you again That's good. if you respond to this , so be it. if you don't than i'll know where you stand. Just so that we are clear I stand in the yard with the mean rottie!  i will not make contact again i swear. no one knows about this but you and i. i'll tell no one Well my mom, my husband, my sister in law (both of them) my brother oh - and your sister now know. thank you for being so great to breanna you are the only women that was ever in my life that truly loves my daughter, even now Well, one of us had to love her and you sure didn't,. i'll always be thankful for that. and thank you for letting my mother see him she might not be around much longer she had a stroke 2 weeks ago Don't try and play on my sympathy, I've talked to your mother since her "stroke".. i wasn't mad at them for going just because they lied to me about it. i would have given them my blessings if they would have been honest. that is spilled milk. no worries Yeah all that cursing out and telling your mom to meet you in Hell, and that you hated her Jesus really showed me how much you have changed.. thank you for your time and take care. you know you have the ball and always have, rightfully so. Actually, Cameron has the ball, and he said he already has a dad - and that's not you!

Although I didn't get to actually say anything to him - that does feel better :)


Leiah said...

WOW! I cannot get over how much gall people have at times. Good for you for being a real parent to your son and for bringing someone into his life that proves the adage anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad.

Amber said...

Wow. I can't imagine the pit you must have felt in your stomach as you read that message. Good luck figuring out what to do with it - if anything that is.

Anonymous said...

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