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Thursday, July 15, 2010

TYVM - Free Therapy

Well it's free therapy day over at the Daily Dribbles and believe you me, I need some therapy this week!

To the thunderstorms that continue to scare my little dog, I know that we need the rain but it is really necessary to make all that noise and cause the power to go out?  I really didn't want to read my book, play on the Internet do laundry or anything else.  i really wanted to sit at home, alone in the dark for hours.  That really is my idea of a great night, so thank you very much!

To the scared little dog mentioned above, I don't really like to sleep so it's really no problem that you stay up all night whining and crying about the storm.  I did go to the vet and get you some "storm pills" unfortunately for me...they didn't work well.  So it was definitely a pleasure to sleep with you while you whinnied and jumped on and off the bed, ALL NIGHT LONG, so thank you very much for thinking of someone other than yourself :)  (yes I realize that she is a dog and completely understands that I have to go to work tomorrow).

To my x's :
yes I know that it was my idea to date you crazy people, but really did you all have to be nuts.  thanks to you all and your need to murder people I am terrified to stay alone now, and did I mention that my husband took a job that now has him staying away from home at night?  Now thanks to the knowledge that ANYONE can be a murdering jerk, I'm afraid to sleep without the rottie in my bed, he stinks and snores more than my husband....so thank you very much!

If you are in need of some free therapy head on over to The Daily Dribbles and hook up!


Kmama said...

Whoa. Aren't you lucky to have crazy ex's. Eek!

The dog I grew up with was known to stand OVER your head while it was storming. Or on your chest. It made sleeping difficult.

Thanks for linking up!

The Simple Life said...

LOL - I guess I should count my blessings!

Adrienne said...

one of my dogs hates the rain and almost every time will pee in my kitchen ....ugh dogs but I love em

Rachel said...

Storms are only fun if they don't keep you up all night, right?!?! Maybe some earmuffs for your doggie? :)

And that is crazy scary about your exes!!!

Thanks for the blog award - and CONGRATS to you! :)

Truthful Mommy said...

LOL! So sorry about the doggie and thunderstorms situation! We used to have a dog, a huge dog, who would jump right on top of you during a storm. Loved the dog but she damn near broke my pelvis!
About the crazy ex's...not good. My husband works away from home too and I can't sleep worth a damn.Maybe sleeping pills and a really good deadbolt lock are in order:) Get some rest!Happy Mothering!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

What? You don't like sitting around in the dark? I seem to be doing that a lot lately because of some problem the power company is having. Tonnes of fun!

Scary about your ex's!

Stopping by from SITS to welcome you!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns