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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Good Wife

Since the hubby is gone during the week and works on "side jobs" on Saturday mornings, I try to have the outside work done before he gets home on Friday nights.  If I get this done he has more time with us and less time working.  I'm not one of those ladies that can't cut grass or take off the garbage.  I don't see this as his work or my work. I am fully capable of cutting the grass.  With that being said, you should know that although we live in a small house, our yard is very large.  Before we were married I only had a push mower and I pushed this yard myself for several years.  When Wes moved in, he bought a riding mower and quite honestly it has made cutting the grass much easier than I remember :). 

However the ditch is still a pain in the butt.  It is really deep so you can't just use the riding mower, you have to push it. 

Not to mention, I'm really scared of a riding mower.  Doesn't that sound crazy?  I am, I can just see it turning over on me and while I am lying there hurt who is gonna take care of Cam?  I know he is almost 12, but still it scares me.  (He doesn't even need anyone to "take care" of him anymore!)  Still, the riding mower scares me.  So I cut the whole yard with the riding mower and when I got to the ditch I pulled out the push mower that I got used 11 years ago.  Yes that it's probably the first model of gas mowers ever! 

I think it's harder now because I am older, fatter the ditch must be deeper than it was 11 years ago, but let me tell you how hard it was!  I seriously thought I was going to fall into the ditch gasping for air and dying of a heat stroke  to fall out from the manual labor heat.  While working myself to a good stinky sweat these men kept riding by the house yelling things like "hey baby" and just whistling in general. 

While I was thinking to myself I still got it it would be nice if instead of whistling out the window you would stop and help a lady out!  I worked hard on the yard and the ditch, but unfortunately I got a little over heated and slid down the ditch with a push mower that doesn't cut off if you let go of the handle.  That scared the crap out of me!  So I quit a little more than half way through the ditch and left it for the hubby.  Does that make me a slacker?  I dont' think so.  I think that it still makes me a good wife, instead of having to spend a couple of hours on the yard he had to spend 20 minutes on the yard, and we went to Home Depot for some Round up - no more ditch mowing for me!  Yeah!

Hope you all had a great weekend - and are ready for a wonderful week!


Nya's mom said...

All I have to say is: you inspire me!


Wendy James said...

I love reading your posts. I like yard work too, but now that Jesse is older, he seems to be doing all the hard work, and now that I am older too , I dont mind as much , lol. TTYL

Tiffany said...

You are a good wife! I make the hubby mow (with a push mower) our entire yard. He desperately wants a rider, but I keep reminding him that it's a free workout!

Truthful Mommy said...

All I have to say is do we have the same life? LOL My husband is gone all week too. But I'm a bad wife. I am way to chicken on of the riding mower..the grass waits for him until the weekend...unless one of our gentlemen neighbors takes pity on me:) I can do a lot of shit for myself but I can't do the grass on the riding mower:) YOu go girl!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

thats impressive!!!

Angelia Sims said...

I applaud you for your effort. I could have not accomplished as much as you. I used to like to mow, and then not - at all.

I bet he appreciated it very much!