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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trash talk

Yesterday I posted about being a good wife.  I'm really trying here, you know what I mean?  I was a single mother for a while, so it's not like I don't have experience taking off the garbage and cutting the grass.  Well I do.  I cut my own grass with a push mower for several years, but I never really took the trash off - I bagged it, and had it ready for my mom's workers to take off for me.

Last weekend (that would not be the one that just ended, the one before that) I told my husband, not to take the trash, let's spend some time together, go to the river hang out.  I will take the trash off after he's gone to work during the week.  (remember he got a new job).  ANYWAY... when I went to get the lawnmower out on Friday I was pretty sure that something had died in my back yard. 

Oh the smell..... getting cat back here

Well the hubby wasn't very happy about that, but I assured him that I would take it off on Monday (yesterday) let's not deal with it, since he's only home on Saturday and Sunday.  So when I got off work on Monday I borrowed my dad's truck and loaded up the garbage before the CSI came over to look for a body or something like I had promised.  I guess right here I should tell you that I did start to take the garbage off...well I cleaned out the refrigerator planning on taking the garbage off.  I just got side tracked with something else, and forgot. 

Back to the trash talk:  So I went to take the garbage out yesterday after work and let me tell you how nasty it was.  Actually I'm not gonna tell you how nasty it was.  Lets just say that the smell made me want to puke, and one of my cow feeding gloves went missing.  So with trash full of ants and other stuff (yuck) and the horrible smell and ONLY ONE GLOVE I went off to take the trash.  Evidently there is an art to packing the trash in a truck, because I had to stop not once, not twice, but three times to pick up trash that blew out of the truck.  A pizza box, a box that the COKE's came in, and a Gatoraide box.  I thought I had them all secure, but evidently not.

And again I got whistles and shout outs but no help!!!!  Is chivalry a thing of the past? Come on now men help a girl out!

I bet you  if I still looked like this I'd of gotten some help!:
this is 6 years and 30 pounds ago!
I think that dealing with ants, maggots and trash should shoot me right up there to the GOOD WIFE HALL OF FAME even with out finishing off the grass! If there is a Good wife hall of fame.  (I seriously doubt it though).

I did learn a good lesson, I will be taking the trash off every couple of days and I will never again clean out the refrigerator unless I'm taking the trash off immediately!


Vic said...

I hate taking trash out....we live on a third floor condo and hauling it down to the dumpsters sucks....uckkkk....I bet you showered immediately:)

The Simple Life said...

Yes we took the trash cans to the carwash and hosed them out really good, then when we got home I jumped in the shower while Cam took the cans out of the truck, then he showered. I've never felt so gross and dirty in my life!

Lizzie said...

Too funny. And gross. lol
I hate it when the kids get lazy and leave it in front of the barrel rather than in it and the crows and raccoons have a field day. blech

Heather said...

I am glad you are done with the grossness. Next time will you let the husband do it?

Michelle Pixie said...

YIKES! I am known for telling my hubby not to do something so we can spend time together and I'll take care of it later but after 9 years of marriage he knows me and does it anyway. ;-)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

oh no! you do get to be in the good wife hall of fame for sure!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sounds like an important lesson to learn! And I LOVE the new blog look! Very nice!

Sandra said...

Good Wife Hall of Fame...haha...ya, that's what we call it when our husbands go away for the weekend and we don't have any meals to make: Good Wife Hall of Fame!

Jinnia said...

Kelly, you should get the Good Wife award even if there isn't one yet - you can blaze the trail for it :) I'm stopping by from Beth Z's suggestion. You have a new follower! And yes, that Mary Kay Satin Hands is amazing! Have a great night.


S Farrell said...

I think the "Good Wife Hall of Fame" is right next door to the place where they keep the awards for all the women who went through natural childbirth...:)