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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stop dieting - Start Living?

I know that I have mentioned before that I joined Weight Watchers a while back, so far I've lost 10 pounds!  Whoo Hoo me!  Yeah whatever...anyway these last few weeks, I've gotten bored with the diet and I've fallen off the band wagon so to speak.  My husband only wants chicken and broccoli, and honestly I'm starting to feel like I have feathers growing out my ....well you know what I'm saying.

So today I'm starting up my Weight Watchers again, seriously.  No more soda's they are out!  If you know any good things to eat let me know, I have decided to venture into other foods and try some of the recipes that I have found. 

Today's Menue:

4/28/10                                             Total Points                              Balance
Wednesday                                             +/-                                            21
Fiber One Bar                                        -2                                            19

Smart Ones Ziti                                       -6                                           13
Banana                                                    -2                                           11

Sweet & Salty Bar                                    -2                                              9

Baked Chicken                                          -6                                               3
Corn                                                          -1                                               3
Green Beans                                                0                                               3

Do you have any 3 point dessert ideas - if so let me know :)


Kelly said...

Just so you know - this chart was straight on the preview! LOL

Vic said...

I am soooo bad with diets! We went to Costco and stocked up on protein drinks/bars, water, high fiber meals, and I am actually really glad so far! I think we're hitting the gym this week and getting a membership-Your doing great-10 pounds is awesome! I wouldn't be able to do the whole counting thing-I just eat! Good Luck sweetie!

Mari said...

Smart Balance has some awesome 3 and 4 point frozen desserts. Test a few. They are great.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to try WW forever now and I just cant seem to take the pluge...you are doing great! Hope your having a wonderful week! xoxo

Adrienne said...

There is a great WW pie you can make
pick a favorite flavor of sugar free jello
pick a matching yoplait light yogurt
now mix jello with 2 cups hot water stir in yogurt and 1/2 of a container of fat free cool whip
Save the other half
Let this chill for a few hours and then add the other hal like icing and enjoy I think one slice is 2 points =)

Also Angel food cake can be made with a can of pie filling instead of the water and I believe a piece is 3 points