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Monday, April 12, 2010

I need some advice.

My 11 year old son went to a theme park with his friend (and his friends mom) on Wednesday.  Last night he told me that while in line for the new ride, the employee told him to go to a specific seat's line.  He told her he wanted to ride in the front, and didn't mind waiting and headed to the front line.  She grabbed him by his collar and jerked him out of line, then sent him back to the line she originally told him to go to.  Understand that you have always been able to request which car you wanted to ride in, and as long as you don't mind waiting you can go there.  We went yesterday and requested the front car and last car and nothing was said.

Now I understand that he was wrong for going where he didn't belong, but tell me how you would handle this if you were me.


Anonymous said...

I'd probably go to that "employee and jerk them around by there collar! I don't care what the reason is NO ONE lays a hand on my child!!! I would also think that this isn't proper procedure and her employer should be aware of this ASAP!

Kelly said...

Wow! That is completely unacceptable!