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Monday, May 2, 2011

"No cow, my hat"

On Monday of last week I asked for your prayers for my friend Tracy.  It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you she lost her baby on Monday of last week.  She has had a hard time, but her faith in God is very strong.  She is still needing prayers.  This is a very hard time of year for her.  Her daughter died on Easter day in 2006, and her birthday would have been last week.  She is feeling weak and she is struggling.  Please continue to pray for peace and strength for her.

You remember me talking about baseball last year, and how Cam always sits the bench.  I know that coaches will disagree with me, but I feel like that all the children should play equal in a league that you sign up and pay to play.  The reason I feel this way is that I think that game time improves a child's technique.  If you put a kid in the field for only a small part of the game, then he is not going to be as comfortable when he does finally get some action, and he feels less of a player than the other kids.  (with this being said I also think that if it's a league where kids try out to be on a team then its different if they sit the bench.)

Anyway..At Saturdays game Cameron played second base AND batted twice!!!!  Whoo!  He did great too!  He got a base hit (nice swing, went to the outfield) stole second and third and was brought in by a base hit!!!!!!  He finally got to score for the first time in  a year!!!!!!  I can't tell you what this did for him!  (Last year he would only get one hit, and was usually walked, and most of the time he was left on base when the inning was over, others he was thrown out).  I'm so proud of my little man! (who isn't quite so little anymore)

and lastly I would like to share a quick picture of my nephew with you.  He just turned 2 years old, and yesterday we were walking around the pasture and he walked up to our bull who was relaxing in the sun (our bull is 15 years old and he is getting laid back in his old age)...

He put the hat on the bull, then snatched if off and said "No cow, my hat"....


Heather said...

Great for your son! (My husband who is a hs baseball coach agrees that if you pay to play you should get playing time.)
That is very cute of your nephew. Good capture on the pic!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That is an adorable picture! Congratulations to Cam! That's awesome!

Rachel said...

So sorry and praying for your friend. It is such a hard loss.

I love the picture at the end - what a silly little kiddo and a sweet cow!

And the baseball thing... thankfully Itty Bit is playing on the team that his big brother coaches! So all the kids get equal playing time and I couldn't be happier.

Ashley said...

Thinking of your friend, it is such an emotional and tough thing to go through.

Love the picture. :) As well, good job Cam!