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Friday, October 14, 2011

My first time..

Did I tell you that I had a Pampered Chef party? 
I just got my stuff in, and I can't tell you how excited I was to use this bad boy here!
The Pampered Chef lady that came to my house put a few pieces of chicken in here, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some jerk chicken seasoning popped it into the microwave and 12 minutes later she chopped up the chicken, added some cheese and wolla (is that how you spell it?) we had the most amazing chicken dip with nachos EVER!!!!!!!

So you know I wanted to try out my pot right away...but unfortunately it will not fit in my microwave.  I put mine in the oven....
When I pulled it out I pickup the lid (with my pot holder) and it slipped out of my hand.  The lid slipped out of my hand and fell back onto the pot, about an inch below, and broke. It didn't chip, or crack.  It broke completely in half, on the very first use.

I broke a very expensive pot, on the fist use.  The freaking meat wasn't even completely cooked!  I didn't finish using it the first freaking time yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it's safe to assume that I'm not as excited anymore, I'm just plain sick.  How could I have dropped the dang lid and broke it on the first use??

Lucky for me though Pampered Chef agreed to replace it, and my hubby agreed that we can get a bigger microwave :)  so now I get to wait AGAIN so that I can use this amazing dish!

Well hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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Jessica said...

Oh, how annoying. Well, at least you get to try again! Let me know how the dish turns out for you. I've heard good things about the Pampered Chef company and am in need of some new cookware.