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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'

 I'm joining up with Amber today to release some of my frustrations, on a couple of people that have really irritated me this week. 

To the person that works for the store that houses Western Union it is a very sad thing that you don't know the difference between Seattle, Washington and Washington DC.  You are probably one of the many people that skipped high school because you were "too cool" , and now you sit around talking about how unfair it is that so-n-so makes more money than you......I'm just sayin'

To the JERK in Seattle Washington  (the state, not where the president lives) that was "selling a car" to my mom, and having it brought here.  Yea she should have known better.  What makes you think that you should have money that you did nothing for?  Why is it that you think it's okay to take from someone that has worked their whole life so that they can afford things??? What have you done in your life?

     *I hope that bad luck follows your sorry ass butt everywhere you go.

     *I hope that what ever you buy with that money brings you great misfortune.
     *I hope every electronic device you own breaks

     *I hope your car never starts again, and

     *I hope that every vehicle you buy from here on out is a POS!!!

 You Mr. Scammer are a piece of trash that good air is waisted on......I'm just sayin'


Rachel said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! Scammers suck!

Tyla said...

People who steal really gripe me the most -and I'm not speaking of people who have taken food or water (not televisions and high-end sneakers) in times of disasters from a destroyed store, etc. But people who prey upon others deserve especially harsh sentences. So sorry your mom was a victim of such a piece of worthless trash.

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about what happened to your parents. Scammers are horrible people who really don't have a conscience or a sense of anyone else but themselves and their pockets. It's unfortunate. Has the scammer been reported to the police?