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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eat It ..Work It..Blog It - Week 1

So I am a day (almost two) late on this, and really I'm a week behind.  I just thought I  would link up so that Amber knows she is not alone in this eating roller coaster!

Eat It:

If you have visited Amber's page, you see her post about eating her feelings.  My feelings don't start will food...they start with drink.  No I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a coke addict (that's a joke..I know very poor taste), but seriously I have an issue with Coca Cola.  I love it.  I really do.  When most people get mad they want to scream, I want a Coke.  When people get depressed they want to eat...I want a Coke.  I celebrate victories with a Coke...If I'm bored I grab a Coke.  Thirsty ... Coke.

Have I mentioned that I loathe diet drinks????  I'd just rather go thirsty....or drink toilet water (not really).  I truly believe if I can just KICK THE COKE I could LOOSE THE WEIGHT.

Work It.

I had to beg and plead to get my Treadmill home, yes I even offered all kinds of favors.  Wes brought it home on Sunday night....it blew up on Monday morning 15 minutes into my walk....yes walk  I wasn't even running, so the only workout I get is 2 nights a week at dance.  That's not nearly enough.

Blog it.
I really want to eat healthy like Amber was talking about, not just cut back but be HEALTHY.   I really just don't know how.  The only thing I can do is bake chicken...I feel like I may turn into one.  If you know of good healthy stuff to eat (for lunch) let me know!!!!


Beth Zimmerman said...

How about lettuce wraps? Or flatbreads? WalMart carries flatbreads in their deli section. And several baking companies have a skinny bun option now. Salads - light on dressing and cheese, heavy on veggies. Take veggies, boiled eggs, cheese sticks (limit them), etc.

It's a challenge, I know! Hang tough!

Amber said...

My hubby is a coke drinker too - and not diet drinks (which are just as bad for you - I've done the research!) It's his biggest struggle. Have you tried finding a flavored water that may help you cut out some of the sugar filled drinks?

Boo for your treadmill breaking down! Can you fix it???

Thanks for joining!! This is definitely a journey and so nice to have others along for the ride!

Mommy Gator said...

I love diet coke....yum I was totally addicted in college to it! I gave it up for lent one year and now only have a few a month at most.

I love this idea I may have to join in! Hope all is well! Thanks for stopping by!