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Thursday, March 10, 2011


It seems like all I do these days is complain about school.  From the moment Cam gets home he is calling me...the teacher this, the teacher that, blah blah blah blah.

I truly feel like his education is not where it should be.  I'm not saying that he is dumb, I"m saying that I don't feel like the school is teaching the kids.  I feel like they are only concerned with MAP testing.  That's it. It really does seem like they only teach for the MAP test, which is the standardized test that we use here in SC.  I'm tired of feeling like he's not learning anything.  I'm tired of hearing how his class is always in trouble.  I'm sick and tired of hearing the complaints...not to mention that he is barely skirting by....this is odd for him.  He's usually a pretty good student and it just amazes me that he can go from being a fairly decent student to failing.  He brings nothing home, he does no homework and now here I am fussing about school again.

Not to mention, it gets old hearing your child come home everyday from school complaining that again he's been in trouble, not individually, but as a group the class is in trouble.  I dont' think it is fair that they are punished as a whole when all of them are not misbehaving.  Yesterday his complaint was that they were not able to go outside because of the rain, so they went into the gym.  In the gym, they were playing tag and the same teacher that he complains about everyday was the one over the prime time.  She got on the loud speaker and said "Y'all are fool, just fools" and took the rest of the prime time.  Now I'm going to assume that they were being too loud...I understand that....but really??? No warning, nothing...just call them fools and set them down?

I'm sick of it.  I really wish I were in a position that I could home school him.  At least then I would know what he is/is not doing and I would know what is going on.  I found out that the prison system is modeled after the school, honestly I don't think that says much for the school.  I mean, these kids have not broken the law...they are not criminals.  Am I the only one that sees a problem with this???? Really???


Tyla said...

As a teacher, my advice in regards to your concern of the focus being on testing rather than educating (by the way, I whole-heartedly agree with you) would be for you to contact your legislators. If it's like it is here in TN, they are the ones pushing it so much (the testing). Most teachers would rather create a well-rounded student and not a test taking machine. Unfortunately, our hands have become tied.

Concerning issues involving the teacher I would...

1.) Always be cautious in believing everything told by your child(ren) - not because you fear they may tell a lie, etc. but, rather, sometimes they perceive things differently than adults. As a mom, I always make it a point to "trust, but verify", for this very reason.

2.) Once verified, speak with the teacher about your concerns. Most are willing to listen and work with parents.

I hope things will start looking up for your son at school. My little boy did not have a very good pre-school experience last year and we all know when one's child is unhappy it REALLY makes a mommy unhappy. Take care.

Moderate Means said...

We are in very similar places right now! I am really struggling with the educational focus of my school. I feel that struggles with reading are impacting everything and our school is all TEST! TEST! TEST! instead of teaching, coaching and encouraging. And, the constant little issues with behavior are hard. He's 9. He fidgets. It's not ADD. Honest. He's 9. They fidget. Sorry to blather on about me - I'm just so frustrated by the same things!


Beth Zimmerman said...

That does sound incredibly frustrating! So sorry that he's miserable and it's making you unhappy! Hope the tests will be over soon and things can calm down!

Rachel said...

How frustrating. I think so many things would be fixed if teachers were paid more than athletes! :)