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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Horse 101- Part 2.....How (not) to Catch a Horse

Okay so yesterday I told you how (not) to catch a horse.

Today I want to follow up so you know that I have a sweet girl at home :)

Last night I was waiting on Cameron to get out of baseball practice, I thought we would be finished around 6:30 since that's when they have been ending up each and every other night.  When I got home from work I was thinking that it was too early to feed Honey, so I thought we would wait until after practice.  It stays day light longer now, and Cameron could help...right???  WRONG.  At 7:45 (when I should have left for dance class at 7:30) I called Wes to come to practice and wait the rest of the time on Cam since I had to leave.  I ran home thinking great...now i have to chase her down and bring her over to feed her before I leave and I will never make it before class is over :(  sigh  Oh well..she has to eat.

So I start to whistle (the "it's time to eat" whistle) while I'm getting the food and feeder.  I look up and be still my heart.....here she come over the hill....I didn't even have to go into the pasture!!!  Yay!  I was still late to dance, but I did make it and i didn't have to run her down or even search for her!

I did have to go find her this morning, but she wasn't far and when she heard me whistle she started walking my way!  Progress...sweet progress!


Rachel said...

I am totally sorry if my last comment on your other post sounded bossy. I just meant to share what worked for me.

And I am THRILLED that Honey is already associating you with good things, and recognizes her "time to eat" whistle! That is awesome!

What a sweetheart!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yay! That is good news! Hopefully her coming to mealtimes will get better and better and you won't have to go chasing her down anymore!