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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Do you remember that song?  I think it was by MC Hammer.  I thought of it yesterday when I read this article.  Okay for my "Green" friends, I'm not trying to offend you or hurt your feelings.  I think that certain things are necessary and most of the things that we need to do are common sense.  However sometimes I think people go too far.  Not too long ago I read this article and I have to ask just what do you think we are supposed to do about our pets?  I mean we could all quit having dogs, that would help, and it would prevent Amber from having another running mishap with Dixie. (Sorry Amber...but that was just funny!)   We could all just get gold fish, but poor Amber would have to take her morning jog alone..and that wouldn't be as fun and I just  I don't think the fish would want to go. :(  I'm just kidding.......but seriously though...here are my thoughts on the subject:
Now for starters I believe that God created this Earth.  I believe that He created the Earth, and the leaves and the flowers and the trees.....(nice little jingle isn't it?).  That is my belief.  I also think that He created the dogs, and the fish and the cows and the people.   I don't think that we can destroy it.  Actually my Bible says that God will destroy the Earth.  Not us.  So that's my take on it. 

With that being said, that doesn't meant that I don't think that we shouldn't take care of our planet. I do believe that we can work together to keep this planet beautiful.  Doing the things that we should do to make sure that we live in a beautiful clean environment.  Things like ......don't throw your litter out the car window, don't throw your trash on the grown, and don't dump our garbage in the ocean.  You know the little things.  I'm all about reducing trash...after all if you read my post on taking the garbage off you would know that's not my favorite thing to do.  I try to use "green" cleaners so that chemicals so that I can "help" in that way. 

I also believe that  we should try to recycle things like plastic, aluminum, and card board.  And since the only place  in town that we can take the garbage makes you separate it, I do my part :).  I do think it is going a little far to ask me to become a vegetarian to reduce the carbon footprint of cows.   I think that all the save this species organizations is going too far (sometimes).  I mean if those people were around back in the day the dinosaurs were around we would still be hiding from the T-Rex!  That would be bad for us don't you think?  (again just kidding) And furthermore, I think global warming has been around since the ice age.  I could be wrong, but what caused the ice to melt in the first place?  I'm kinda glad it did.  It would suck to live on a frozen world.  That's just my take on it. (and before you go all crazy on me I did look at buying a hybrid car, but I couldn't justify the expense of it.  It was way more than my car, and only saved about 2 miles per gallon..and I don't use aerosol cans so I'm not all bad! :)

I do however think this....I am tired of picking up the garbage people throw out their window into my ditch.  Please stop.....and...to the girl that left a used one of these on the ground... they should haul you in and remove your uterus.  You should never be allowed to procreate, you are a disgrace to your race, your gender and your mother!  Thank you very much. To all the people that throw these dirty little things on the ground, they should make you stand at the gate of the recycle center and go through the "kitchen garbage" and pull out all the aluminum cans and plastics that people don't separate until you learn to live clean.  Some people are just nasty, and if they choose to live that way we should be able to give them a job in a place that would suit their living choices, and the garbage pile would be that place!

Thanks for listening to my rant!   Have a great Thursday!

I'm sorry I have to keep reposting this, something is wrong here and when I hit the space bar it posts! (WTH blogger?)  LOL  Have a great Thursday!

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