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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Mom, was I an Accident?"

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If I could write a letter of how I feel today this is how it would go:

Dear God,

When I was a little girl I never dreamed that my life would be where it is today.  I never imagined being here in this place with these worries.  I never prayed for things to be this way, and sometimes I don't know what to do with situations.

Right now Lord, I think back to that Christmas day and remember remember thinking I'm not ready for this, I can't believe it's happened.  It wasn't planned by me that's for sure.  Lord I praise you for knowing more than me, for knowing where I needed to be and what I needed in my life.  Lord I praise you for giving this gift to me, for blessing me beyond measure.  it has been 12 years today that you gave me this blessing, the blessing that I didn't ask for the blessing I didn't know would fill me with such love and such joy!  Thank You God for smiling on me and giving me my son.

Dear Cameron,

Not a day goes by that I don't say "Thank You" to God for sending you to me.  You make me the proudest mother in all the world.  You are kind, giving and always gentle with your words.  You are the best child a mother could ever hope for, and I am so very proud of the young man you are becoming.  I am proud of the character you display in all of your actions. I love you more that you will ever know and I am honored to be able to call you my son!

I love you!

Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!!

I leave you today with a quote from Rosanne
DJ: "Mom was I an accident?"
Rosanne : "No DJ you were a surprise"
DJ: "What's the difference"
Roseanne "Well, an accident is something that you wish had never happened. A surprise is something you didn't know you wanted until you got it"


Tiffany said...

Those are beautiful. What a blessing your son is! Tell him happy birthday from me!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday to Cameron and this was a WONDERFUL post! First Roseanne quote that I have ever truly loved too! :)