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Monday, August 2, 2010

But I didn't do it!

On Saturday morning I went out to do the "Good Wife" thing and mow the lawn.  The hubby had to work on Saturday morning so he wasn't going to be home until really late Saturday night.  I went outside, started the riding mower, drove over to the "starting point" and engaged the blades.  The only problem was the blades didn't engage. 

I started going over what I did...I started the lawnmower, I drove it over, I pulled the lever to engage.  Same thing I do every time.  I jumped off the lawnmower (and cut it off) and reached under the deck and turned the blades to make sure nothing was jammed. They turned, so I got back onto the lawnmower and tried it all over again.  Turn the key, engage the blades.....nothing.  (they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results..guess I'm insane because I did this 3 or 4 times) 

I called the hubby, "The lawnmower is broke"
"What did you do?"
"Nothing, I promise, I did nothing, the blades just wont turn, I don't know why"
"Are you sure you are pulling the knob for the blade and not the knob for the choke?"
"I've been cutting the grass for a 3 weeks, I know which knob to pull, it's broke"

When he finally got home, we realized that the belt on the blades were off track.  He spent most of Sunday afternoon working on the blades, and telling Cam that he just didn't understand how the belt just jumped off the track.  Cam is a literal kind of kid, if you can't explain something then you MUST make your best guess or he will drive you nuts.  Wes' best guess was that "I" must have done it.  "I didnt' do anything!"

Wes' explanation:
"I think that mommy engaged the blades before she turned the throttle up"
"What's the throttle"
"It's the throttle"
"Is that the lever with the turtle at the bottom and the rabbit at the top?"
"Was it supposed to be at the rabbit when I engaged the blades"
"Babe,   um...I broke the lawnmower"

There goes my hall of fame award....oh well.

***He did fix the lawnmower***

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