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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I believe I can Fly!

I posted a while back about the Flylady and learning to fly again.  FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself.  Well she sends you daily chores to do, along with a short routine to keep your house from CHAOS.  (Can't have anyone over syndrome).  Well my house is CHAOS no more!  It feels great!

With that being said, it's not spotless either.  However I don't make people stand at the back door and talk anymore!  I can actually invite you in and not feel the need to apologize for the mess!  Flylady has some great products and ideas for making cleaning easier, and faster! 

One of those ideas is in the bathroom!  I hate cleaning the bathroom, but if you keep a cleaner near by, and a scrub brush handy, then every morning spray the toilet, swish the brush and you are done!  After you finish your make up take a rag, wipe down the counter and your bathroom is clean! (mostly clean anyway)  every Monday you spend an hour (yes just one hour) "blessing" your home, that's when you vacuum, sweep & mop.  It's awesome!

If you want some cleaning tips, just visit the Flylady! Where everything is PURPLE!