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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Dunkin Donuts

Dear Dunkin Donuts &  Dairy Queen,

We (the people of our small town) would like to thank you so much for bringing your businesses to our town.  You see before Dairy Queen came here we had several "mom & pop" ice cream stores.  Dairy Queen made it hard, but they weathered through.

About 6 months later Dunkin Donuts made their arrival...and the mom and pop stores closed.  It wasn't missed much because we had both Dairy Queen and Dunkin Donuts!!! Whoo!!!

Now a year later Dairy Queen has gone and left us, and Dunkin you followed...now our town only has McDonalds ice cream...no dipped ice cream here...only fast food type.

So we appreciate your small "visit" to our town to run out all the little guys.  You have now left us with basically nothing in the way of ice cream...




Beth Zimmerman said...

Ouch! Easier on the diet when they're not there tempting you on every steamy corner though! :)

Jessica said...

Oh, that's horrible! I couldn't imagine having to live without the temptation of good ice cream nearby. Maybe you can get a ice cream maker and make your own? Maybe it's not worth the trouble, but I've heard there are some REALLY good recipes out there that may make it worth it on special occasions at least.