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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's almost that time.....

Well if you remember way back when....I told you all that I had joined a competitive dance class.  Yes I know that I'm no longer a teenager that has been made abundantly clear to me in the past 8 months.

We have finally gotten our costumes in, and they are beautiful.  The Jazz outfit is red. RED I'm pretty sure than when I put it on someone from somewhere yelled "HEY KOOL AIDE".....     All the costumes are very pretty, and they have now been altered to fit correctly, which I must say looks a lot better than when I tried it on before!

All this to say that this weekend is it.  The first competition.  I'm so nervous.  It's my first competition in 16 years.  YES!!!!!!!!!!  I have been out of competition long enough for someone to have a child and raise it to drive a car ...what was I thinking??  My stomach is in knots....

It really sucks that no one in my family is going with me.  But I'm an adult, and its not a big deal.  My husband has to work, and Cameron can't come without someone to watch him, not to mention he has baseball practice and guitar lessons.


I'm good though.  I'm ready, just really nervous.  I wish someone would have taken a video so I can see myself before now.  I wish I was 30 pounds lighter.  I will tell you that I can now **rock** the Calypso and the off center jete!  I'm sure you are wondering about the jump that I broke my poor toe doing??? NAILED IT on Monday night!!!  (lets just hope I rock/nail it all on Saturday)

In other news: Please read the following blogs and remember them in your prayers:

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**in the comments of Army Wife, her parents write to say that Jessica is in the hospital getting help. but please remember her and her parents in your prayers** Thanks


Mallory said...

Good Luck! Thanks for the kind words today :)!

Rachel said...

I'm sure you will do wonderful (I know what it's like to go back to dance years later and after a baby!)

Thank you for the encouragement and for the prayers. Praying for Jessica too.

Beth Zimmerman said...

You will do marvelously! Praying for you! :)

Jessica said...

Good luck! I am sure you will do a fabulous job!