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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Babies

What is it about people that make them think it's okay to ask why you don't want more children?

I'm not angry so this isn't a bashing post, it's just observation.  My husband and I have one child, actually I have a child from a previous marriage and my husband has no children.  However, when people see the age of my son they ask..don't you want more children? When I respond with "No we hare happy with just one" they seem to look at me like I am crazy and ask "WHY" gasping....

Well first of all..when Cam was younger I wanted more children, but I was getting divorced and I don't believe in having children outside of marriage.  So I had to wait until I remarried.  When I did finally remarry, I had insurance and it just never happened.  We were not "trying" we were just not preventing.  Then I changed jobs, lost insurance and here we are...Cameron is 12 years old I wouldn't be getting him a "playmate" or anything by the time new child could play Cam would be in college.  I still do not have health insurance, and I believe that if you can't afford something then you don't have it.  Hence why I don't have credit cards....I don't have insurance....I can't pay a Dr. visit to deliver a baby...I guess they would repo my child??? 

The only people without insurance that can afford to have baby after baby are the ones that have no issues letting the tax payers pay for their baby, I am not one of those people, and usually that's the people that ask "Why no more"  Sometimes I wish I was not raised to be so respectful of others because I would say "Well, because when you have to pay for it yourself and raise it yourself then you are less likely to have 5 kids with 5 men and only have 1 live with you at a time"...humph...I guess you can tell I'm thinking about a particular person!  LOL

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Rachel said...

I think sometimes people just assume it's okay to ask about private things!

It's tiring having to explain my infertility journey to every single person who thinks I'm nuts for not giving Itty Bit a younger sibling.

Sorry for those toe-steppers!

Jessica said...

I love this post. I remember when I was in graduate school and my husband unemployed and some of his family kept asking when we were going to have a baby. It's like, hello, we don't have money for a baby! Blessing disguised as accidents happen, yes, but to plan for a baby when you don't have the resources to care for a baby is, in my opinion, kind of reckless. It's also unfair to the child.