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Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter of Intent


Dear Self,

Try to remember when  you buy new hooker boots that you are no longer as light and graceful as you once were.  Although you were able to dance in  these

 you seem to have a very hard time walking in these:

And a special thank you for making me clean the coffee up off the floor of TWO rooms when....I hadn't had my COFFEE YET and now unless I wanted to drink it straight from the floor I wasn't getting it either.

Special thank you to self for the extra close..close up of the floor so that I can see exactly where I have missed with the mop...


Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't walk in them. They are really nice shoes though. Why do they have to make shoes that cute, if we can't walk in them?

Foursons said...

Ha, hooker boots! That totally made me smile. We all need a good pair of hooker boots but maybe you should drink your coffee before you get dressed.

Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

I am totally dying here.

Everyone thinks that ex-ballerinas must have an innate gracefulness, and my blog proves that I certainly don't!

I had a much harder time walking in heels. I would have rather walked down the aisle in my own wedding en pointe instead of in them fancy shoes ;)

But goshdarn those boots are cute!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

See, I can't even walk barefoot without tripping, so all I can do when I see purty little boots such as these is just dream. Unless I want a broken bone of some kind if I attempted to walk in shoes such as these.

Sorry for the close-up of the floor though. Not good. I've been there, done that.