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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just my opinion...

I have been reading the news sites again...and I want to add my two cents


Let me start by saying that I do think that something needs to be done about the health care industry, but I sure don't think that it should be mandatory to have health insurance.  Here are my arguments...

1.  Health insurance is so expensive, for instance my husband has insurance at his work.  He pays $250 per month for his insurance.  To add just me that premium goes up to $950, to add me and Cameron the premium spikes to $1500. per month..seriously do you think we can afford that.

NO!!!  So Cameron has a separate policy, he has a history of heart problems (which is why that surgery freaked me out so much) and he must have coverage..so I pay $150 per month for his individual coverage.  (250+150=400)  That's $400 per month in insurance now, and I don't have coverage.

Let's add an individual policy for me (we will not mention my kidney issues, or my migraines - so we won't consider the mark up)  I can get a policy for $360 per month.  That would make our total $760 per month for insurance.  That is crazy,  when you add to that our life insurance (for all of us) $95.00 per month that brings our total in health/life insurance to a whopping $855.00 per month.  That figure doesnt' include car insurance or renters insurance.  That's right RENTERS insurance.  - we will get back to that.

2.  Because my husband and I have both been with out health insurance for so long (he was laid off), we would be under (he is under) a pre-existing clause...I understand that, but, for the insurance to cover my health issues (kidney issues and migraines) I would have to pay my premium for 18 months before they would cover anything...at 360 per month * 18 months = $6480 before they will pay one dime!!!!  I can pay for my MRI and my Imitrex shots out of my pocket and still come out better than doing this, because the MRI would only be $5K...

3.  I don't make that much money, basically I would be working every day just to pay the insurance company.  Sorry I'm not doing that.

4. Lets revisit the RENTERS INSURANCE....I don't own my own home..that's right I rent a house.  why would I want to just give away my house payment every month to BCBS????? NOT DOING IT in 30 years I may be with health insurance, but I would be homeless, because I can't afford a house  I work just to pay health insurance.

I want to make sure you know that I am not poor mouthing, I'm just stating the facts.  I don't want to pay 2 1/2 checks per month to insurance...that's not right.

Do I think the health Care industry needs some change?  YES I do.  I think that if I don't meet my deductible they should have to pay a certain amount back to me.  Like my insurance would be $360 per month, that's $4320 per year.  If my deductible isn't met they should have to at least return $10-15% of my money.  They should have to pay no less than 10% of the money you pay out to the Dr or pay it back to you.  Period.

I'm sure I could think of some other things, but that's it for now.  I'm tired and getting off my computer.  But I am interested in what you think...please do tell!


Rachel said...

ACK! I am so sorry for your insurance woes!

My main concern is that making it mandatory is not constitutional!

At the risk of sounding political, I've already seen how Obamacare can put people at risk.

My mother had a big surgery a few weeks ago. They literally cut her open from end to end.

Then SENT HER HOME at 9pm that night. After a traumatizing recovery. With a pain pump inserted into her stomach (clamped shut). With instructions for her to SUCTION HER OWN INCISION.

Are you kidding me?

The surgeon and nurses were amazing and apologetic. "We'd never send someone home after a surgery like this - welcome to Obamacare".

So I've got a dog in that fight... this isn't the right solution.

Hope you are able to find a solution that keeps you covered without breaking the bank!

Kelly said...

Rachel, I don't really mind not having insurance, but I think it should be my choice...you are right it's unconstitutional to make it mandatory.

There has to be a way to keep the costs down without the government getting involved. That just isnt right...since when should the gov be able to come in and tell a company how to charge their clients?