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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Story Tuesday: The locked car door

I am linking up with Rachel and Mr. Daddy for their True Story Tuesday this week.  Rachel always has the funniest stories to tell!  Click here to go over and link up and share a funny tale of your own!

Last weekend I was coming in the house, as Wes was leaving (that's the story of my life) and as he walked past me to get into his truck we started talking about the day's schedule.  I leave my gun in my car sometimes if I know I am leaving again so I reached up and locked my car door with the  key fob.  You have to click it twice to hear the horn blow letting you know that the door is locked.  I clicked it once, then twice..no horn.

Wes was standing at his truck unlocking the door as we continued to talk and I continued to click my key fob.  The battery was dying and I was being lazy not wanting to walk back to the car.  As we were talking I clicked the lock button two more times. 

I still had not looked down to see if the little battery light was blinking.  We were so into our conversation and I honestly wasn't paying attention.  Then Wes stopped in mid sentence and turned around and said "Will quit locking my door I'm trying to leave!"

Oops wrong key fob!


Ashley said...

Haha...too funny! :)

Question though, you carry a gun?

Beth Zimmerman said...

That made me laugh! I could easily do the same thing!

Rachel said...

That is hilarious! Cracked me the heck up. And the ad below your post is "replacement keys" by Google, ha!

And I'm with Ashley - you carry a gun?!?