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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting ready..

I know I told you all that I am ready to make a change, to do something more meaningful with my life.

There was a time that I was proud of my "job". You should see the look on people’s faces when you say "I'm a dance teacher" That all changes when you started to look for a "real job". Then they treat you like because you were a dance teacher you must not have a brain in your head. I guess some people don't realize that to run a business, keep all those kids in line, order costumes and schedule, plan, put together and pull off a recital takes no talent or brain....ANYWAY!!!

Since leaving the "dancing" scene behind I have had a hard time. Now that I am back to dancing (on my own not teaching) I feel like it’s time to make a change in my professional (if you can call it that) life. I posted that I wanted to make this change and my husband is on board! This week we have put our cars for sale. I have prayed about this and I guess the true sign will be if the automobiles sale for enough that we can get a couple of used (but very cheap) cars that can be paid off.

If that happens I will be a full time student soon.

I've been praying, so we will see if this is His will!

Also just wanted to point out the book "These Things Hidden" AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of those books that just leaves you thinking "Really???" It was great, and I love the way Heather Gudenkauf writes from everyone's perspective. I love it!


Jessica said...

Wow! That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best on this new chapter. It takes a lot of guts to make big changes, so kudos to you!

Rachel said...

We're in the middle of a huge life change right now too - and it can be so scary!

Praying for you- for wisdom in decisions and for the right doors to open for you for opportunities!