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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank you Very much!

To the coach that hurt my little man's feelings, I guess you didn't realize that his mother was sitting right there as you crushed his self esteem and almost made him cry.  I guess you were a little surprised when I waited a day and called you to let you know that it better not EVER happen again.  Thank you very much!

To the ghost that I think visited our house last night:  Please if you feel like visiting again I know that I can not keep you out, but when the hubby and I are busy don't speak and spoil the moment.  If you must come by, please stay out of the bedroom! ....Thank You Very Much!

To the dog that will not quit running away, you better thank God that my little man loves you so much or you would be at the pound right now.  You better shape up or we will just get him another dog! Thank you very much!

To the makers of "Pet Safe" wireless fence:  we have had your fence for 3 years now without problem. last week I ordered a new collar for my rat terrier and my rottie.  Please let me know how the rat terrier can reach around and unhook that collar by herself.  Those things cost $150 each, if my dog get run over I'm gonna expect a refund! Thank you very much.

To all of you that now thing I'm one of "those" mothers: The coach decided to drop 2 kids in the batting line up after they were on the field, one was in the batters box, the other in the on deck circle.  He called time, benched them both and continued the game.  The look on the faces of both those children was heartbreaking - one of those little faces belonged to me!  That coach is luck that he didn't see my anger right then! I'm okay with benching them, but not taking them out of the batters box to do it!  Thank you very much!

To all of you who are reading this blog: please stop by Mama's Pixie Dreams and say a prayer for her and Monkey.  Monkey has cancer, and they need lots of support & prayers from the blogging family!  Thank you very much!


Kmama said...

Your poor little man. I can't imagine how he felt at that moment!! That was really terrible. I'm glad you gave the coach a piece of your mind!!

Thanks so much for linking up!

Mallory said...

Your poor son! :( I hope he is ok...people can be rough!

As for the t-shirts, bless your heart! Our family sincerely appreciates that. Email me at zizzer05@hotmail.com and we can talk it all out. Thank you again!

natalee said...

Oh my .. Your poor lttle man.. I had an incident like that.. And the ghost thing...i would have freaked out..LOL!! love your post!!!! Im following now!!!!

K-Dawgs Korner said...

Coaching is often a thankless job and those that step up to volunteer often get the raw end of the deal. Then there are coaches like you described that let the "power" go to their heads. Sorry to hear that your son was subjected to that.

Thanks for stopping by my post earlier as well.

Jingle said...

lovely act,
Happy Monday,
Happy Belated Mother's Day!