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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A boy's best friend is his mother - Joseph Stefano

When I was expecting I just knew that I was going to have a girl.  Her name was "Alyssabeth Celeste" after my two best friends.  Mary Elizabeth & Tonya Celeste.  Celeste passed away 3 years before so I didn't want to call her Celeste, and Elizabeth was so common, so Alyssa is what I would call her.  I was a dance teacher so of course she would be a dancer too, and the best in class!  She would be a master tapper by the time she could walk! It was April when I had my ultra sound, I went to bed the night before so exited because I just new it was a girl and I was going to find out for sure tomorrow!  All night I dreamed of that ultra sound.  In my dream the ultra sound tech came in and said "Oh look it's a boy".  This same image played over and over in my head. 

The next morning I got up convinced that it was a boy!  When the tech told me for sure I wasn't upset, or disappointed.  I was so happy.  Here we come baseball and  football.   What ever he wants to play! Blue everything for his room! I was so happy.  Who would have thought that I would be that elated about a boy?  I was though.

From the moment that I tinkled on that stick I loved him, I just didn't know how much until he was in my arms!  He was beautiful, with these green eyes - just like mine!  He was in the NIC-U for the stay in the hospital, so compared to the other babies he was giant!  When I dressed him to bring him home those 0-3 month clothes just swallowed him up!  He was so sweet though, with his head full of hair, he looked like a little man!  You know I paid that outrageous price for those pictures!  I think it was $25.00 for 4 wallets, the ones they take at the hospital, they were terrible pictures, but I loved that little face so much!

Every stage in life was a new adventure.  It was difficult (if you want the sob story go here) but we had a blast!  I was teaching dance at the time so I was home all morning, my work started at 3:30.  All morning and until I took him to Nana's we would watch Barney or the Wiggles and dance and sing!  I would chase him around and around the room while he just laughed and giggled! We didn't have satellite or cable, all we had was a VCR & some videos, but that was enough! 

Now I look at him, the little man he is growing up to be and I am so proud.  He is such a loving person.  I couldn't love anyone more than I love that child!  He is the greatest.  I tell him all the time that God did a really good job matching us up as mother and child.  Every day I ask him "Have I told you that you are the best kid in the world?"  he says "Yes, but not today" "Do I need to tell you today?"  "Yes"

"Cam, you are the best kid in the whole world, of all the baby souls in Heaven I'm glad that God picked you to be my baby.  I thank Him everyday for you!"

I love that little boy of mine!


Double Wide Mom said...

what a lucky guy to have a great mom like you!

Mallory said...

Hey thanks for the comments. I 100% agree with what you're doing with your son. You monitor his ipod and internet time...that's great. I will be honest and say I wasn't monitored, but didn't push the line...some kids do, guess it's better to over-do than not enough! I think once they are in those pre-teen/teen years, an ipod (in this generation) is a "necessity!" Although I think it's best when they are left at home and Mom/Dad puts the music on it. That way they aren't listening to something to be "cool" when they have no idea what it means. Like some bad rap song!

Just let me know what size and color of t-shirt you want and I will get it mailed to you. Thanks again for your order, we sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness! Have a great day!

LambAround said...

This is a very sweet post. I just found your blog through SITS - welcome to the group! I'm enjoying your blog and love that you also posted Monkey's button :)



Mary said...

That is such a sweet post!
Visiting from KMama's!

Mallory said...

I said a prayer for your prayer list today too!

Kelli said...

Ahh! I feel the same way about my Son, and after having met him at his birth and then getting to know him over the years, I am so glad God blessed me with a boy and not a girl! Hopping over from SITS!

~Kelli @ Smidgens