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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I just started following Taylor's blog and I really like her "Top 2 Tuesdays"!   Today's game is 2 random facts about yourself.  Gee let's see 2 random facts.

1.  I'm clumsy. 

It's terrible I trip over my own two feet!  I fell at my moms office about 2 years ago, just fell right off my feel onto a rock.  That rock was sharp enough to cut through my jean (and knee) and leave a serious bone bruise on my knee cap.  Last year I somehow twisted my foot and broke the small bone that runs between your pinkie toe and ankle at the post office.  I fall down all the time.

2. I'm a dance teacher. 

(Real dance - not the pole dancing kind.  I teach ballet, tap & jazz.) I only teach one day a week now, but a few years ago I was teaching full time. You may ask how someone as clumsy as I am can be a dance teacher?  I really have no answer for that - I never fall at the dance studio.  I'm actually quite graceful!  Maybe I need to start doing bourrees into the post office :)

Join us in "Top 2 Tuesday" and let us know your 2 random facts!


Amber said...

I'm incredibly clumsy too! My mom used to call me "Grace" because I had so little of it. Whoops!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I am the biggest klutz ever!

Lindsey said...

that is funny about you being a dance teacher and being a klutz - i am the same way - i will trip over my own two feet but put a pair of ballet slippers on me i am as graceful as can be - i will never figure this out! ha

hollyh said...

'real dance', lol! that's funny! almost as funny as a clumsy dance teacher!

Kelly said...
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