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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

True Story Tuesday! - Dirt Bike Ride!

Today is True Story Tuesday brought to you by the wonderful Rachel & Mr. Daddy! 

 I didn't link up last Tuesday (I was in a bad mood if you want to know why you can just go here)  I have been pondering what I would write about today.  This is the best I can come up with..but  I still think it's a good story.

My brother in law works at a shop that sales motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs.  He's been there for as long as I can remember, and Cam always loved to go sit on the red dirt bike and pretend to be the Red Power Ranger!  Every time we were up that way he would ask if we could stop by the shop so he could sit on the Red Rangers Dirt Bike. 

Just a couple of weeks before Christmas that year "TJ" called and had a used but in very good condition dirt bike that had just been traded in and he thought that it would be great for Cam.  Now Cam was only 4 at the time, and we knew he was too young to ride, and he would be scared.  So we went and looked at the bike and it really looked new.  I don't think it had ever been ridden, so we decided to buy it as part of his Christmas and let him sit on it until he was ready to ride.  (This was a very small dirt bike) 

He had tried to ride it several times but was just scared.  We even put training wheels on it! Sure enough that dirt bike was parked in his room for 6 months, for him to pretend to be the Red Ranger while watching Power Rangers.  Eventually it moved to the warehouse (near our house) and was parked back there.  He would occasionally say "I want to ride my dirt bike" and we would get it out crank it up and he would sit on it but not actually ride it. 

One day right after his 5th birthday Cam decided that he was ready to ride.  The only problem was that I was the only one home.  I thought "I can do this"  grabbed up the keys and all his protective gear and we walked to the warehouse.  A dirt bike has a kick start..something I have never dealt with before, but really how hard could it be? Right? After "kicking" the bike for 30 minutes straight with no success, I was pouring sweat (it was in September) and then I saw it.  Right beside where I stuck the key in was an on/off switch.  YOU HAVE TO TURN ON THE GAS!!!!!!!!!!!  That would have been nice to know.  After turning the gas on, I lifted my very tired leg and kicked it one more time...it started right up.

I want you to get a good look at the size of this dirt bike....

I sat on the back of the dirt bike, and sat Cameron in front of me.  I was showing him how to easily turn the throttle, gently, slowly.  We rode up the driveway to my moms house, turned around and I let Cameron take control.  I was still sitting on the back....

He put his tiny little hand on the throttle and twisted it as hard as he could, the front wheel came off the ground and I slid off the back!  I grabbed onto the back of the bike afraid that he would go into the highway, with the training wheels he wouldn't/shouldn't wreck.  Down the driveway we went, Cameron on the dirt bike,  me literally dragging behind it!

As we got close to the end gate (my mom has a very long driveway), I started trying to wreck him (the driveway goes into a very busy highway!)  Finally the bike turned over, and Cam jerked the helmet off crying "Mommy I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you!! I'm sorry Mommy!"  As I picked the gravel out of my knees and elbows I stopped to wipe the tears from his eyes "Oh Cam don't be sorry!  Mommy's having fun (still picking gravel out of my knees through the new hole in my favorite jeans)..let's go home so I can put some bandages on my knees.... and we will try again another time...when Daddy is home."

Hope you enjoyed my True Story!!!  If you want to read other true stories just click on the TST button and link up with Rachel & Mr. Daddy!


Lisa said...

awwww, he felt so bad! I'm sorry, but I did laugh because I can totally see me doing something like that. I'm so glad I have girls!!! Great story!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Awww Kelly! That's an awesome story! LOVED it! Sorry you got hurt (gravel in knees and elbows is no fun at all) but the "Mommy's having fun!" was an awesome response! Too bad there's no film! :)

Kelly said...

@ Lisa..we laugh all the time about it. I was the idiot that took him alone to try and ride it! I should have sent him up the driveway towards the house...or in the pasture!

@ Beth..had there been someone there to film it..it never would have happened. the ONLY reason it did is because there was no one else there to help!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh - I am so sorry! You are just always getting hurt! That sounds so painful. Though I'm glad you can laugh about it!

Yes, if there had been film, it never would have happened, ha ha :)

Mr. Daddy said...


Sorry, I got a visual.....*snicker*

P.S. sorry you got hurt...(snort)

really I am.......

Heather said...

You are very brave. My kids would KILL for a dirt bike! Actually I would like one too. Gotta now and see if I can talk The Coach into it!

Jessica said...

You are one brave mom!I can't say I would have had the guts to even try!

I enjoyed this story and would have loved to have seen the film!

Vic said...

enjoyed indeed...what a good mommy!:)

Stacey said...

I did not know you had a blog!! Will follow now!!