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Friday, March 30, 2012

Letters of Intent


Dear "Superstar" Mom:

I saw you last night talking about me at the ball field. I really don't care though. Yes I know I'm "that" mom.  "That" mom that bitches about the coaches, and bitches about baseball. I never wanted to be "that" mom, I wanted to go to the game and watch my kid play. That is why I give up my evenings to sit a practice, that is why I pay the enrollment fee each year. I don't like being the bitchy mom, I don't like the complaining and I don't like the way my kid feels sitting on the bench. I don't like the way I have to work to build his confidence and coaches tear it down in one game. Honestly if my kid didn't love the game so freaking much I would have kept my money and skipped baseball all together.  I tried to get him interested in soccer but his response was "then I couldn't play baseball".  He has only this season and next season of eligibility left and then he can't play anymore..what is wrong with me wanting him to get to play for his last two seasons?

I remember last year sitting with YOUR husband while he shook his head and said "D can't hit the broad side of a barn...I don't know why they leave him in the top of the line up"

I wonder how long you would sit and be quiet if it were your child that was always benched no matter how he played. I wonder how quiet you would be if your boy was the one treated like a ball gofer at practice instead of being treated like one of the players. Right now it doesn't matter how your child performs on the field, he can miss ball after ball that is hit or thrown to him (he makes his share of mistakes)..and still play. He can strike out time and time again (and he does) yet he  still gets to play. It doesn't matter that my kid makes two good plays in his only two innings he still sits the bench 2/3 of every single game, and it doesn't matter that he has hit more times when he is at the plate than he strikes out he still only gets 1 at bat at every game.

How would you feel if that were YOUR child? You wouldn't like it any more than I do. I bet you would be just as pissed off as I am, and I bet you would bitch as loud or maybe louder than I do.

   So until your kid plays 1/3 of the entire season don't look down your nose at me. I don't want my kid treated better than your kid; I just want him treated fair.


"That" mom..

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Beth Zimmerman said...

I fee ya, Kelly! I always hated that part of organized kids sports.